Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
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At Winzer Cavaliers, I try to do everything possible to breed the healthiest, most socialized
puppies available.  Each litter is planned months and months in advance and is designed to
produce an improvement in each generation.  The breeder always has the option to keep pick
puppy from each litter.

As a general rule, there is a waiting list for each litter.  Every home requires a little different trait
from their future puppy.  Therefore, matches between puppy and new family are made by me.  As
the breeder spending hours with the babies each day from the moment they are born to until they
are ready for you at 10 to 14 weeks, I generally know all the little differences in personalities.  

Once I have exchanged the litter information with you, and you have provided all of your
information to me, and decide you would like to reserve a puppy from the next litter, I will only
hold the puppy with a deposit.  Your deposit will hold a puppy for you until 10 to 12 weeks of age.
Deposits are not refundable.  Once I reserve a puppy for you, other inquiries for that puppy will
be turned away and therefore expect that you are done shopping in return.

Puppies go home having their first two series of shots, micro-chipped, eyes examined by a
canine ophthalmologist, wormed at least two times, and drinking and eating well.  Puppies are
exposed to lots of sights, sounds, and surfaces so that you will get a puppy properly exposed to
these foundation experiences.  

All pet puppies are sold on an “AKC Limited Registration” with spay/neuter contracts.

Please email me with specific questions about litters available or puppy care.